Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jonah Hex: 'Six Gun War' Part Two (Issue 45)

In ‘Jonah Hex’ issue No. 45, it’s part two of the six-part ‘Six Gun War’ story.

In this issue ‘El Diablo’, a DC western comic character from the early 70s, makes an appearance. While I’m never too thrilled when DC’s editorial staff finds some excuse to shove grade B cast members into supporting roles in various storylines, hopefully in ‘Six Gun War’ Diablo will be a muted presence at most.

This issue also features an (off-panel) molestation / abuse sequence, involving female bounty hunter Tallulah Black, that is one of the more creepy incidents in the Jonah Hex tales. Needless to say the story arc is building towards a gun battle, and attendant slaughter, of epic proportions by the time part six sees print.

I’ve posted two pages in which El Diablo confronts Jonah….while the latter is casually flicking a maggot off the wounds on his face incurred when he was buried alive in the previous issue…. !

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