Friday, October 30, 2009

Judge Dredd in 'Halloween'
from the 'Judge Dredd Annual 1984'

It's Halloween.... and there's no better story to run than 'Judge Dredd: Halloween', which appears in the hardbound 'Judge Dredd Annual 1984'. The story was written by T. B. Grover and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra.

'Halloween'  takes as its premise the fact that Mutants, who dwell in the radioactive zone of devastation in the central USA, are prohibited from entering Mega-City One. Any mutant that tries to do so is almost always recognized by their bizarre features and subjected to arrest and deportation. 

However, there is one night of the year when anyone who looks more than a little odd can go about the city without attracting any attention...and some bloodthirst mutants aim to take advantage of that fact....

While its bright, almost garish color scheme may give it the appearance of a children's story, 'Halloween' is actually  quite violent, particularly compared to US comics of the same era, which labored under Code restrictions that British publications didn't have to contend with. It also has quite a leavening of the dark, satirical humor that made 2000 AD comics superior in many ways to the overwrought treatments favored by US publishers.






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