Thursday, September 19, 2013

Heavy Metal September 1983

'Heavy Metal' magazine, September 1983

September  1983, and on MTV, I am watching the video for the Joboxer's hit 'Just Got Lucky'.

Heavy Metal's September issue is out, with a front cover by Enric, and a back cover by Christopher Brennan.

The Dossier section leads off with an overview of the private-eye fiction of James Crumley (?!) whose career seems to have limited to the early 80s. Succeeding pages cover recent novels from Anthony Burgess and Jack Vance. 

Next come some capsule reviews of recent sf paperbacks....

Sadly, two pages are devoted to coverage of two of the 80s biggest poseurs, Robert 'bullwhip in the rectum' Mapplethorpe, and proto-woman's bodybuilder Lisa Lyon.

There are capsule reviews of recent feature films:

As for the graphic contents of the magazine, there is a portfolio on illustrator Rowena Morrill; an interview with Francis Ford Coppola; and new installments of 'Tex Arcana', 'The Odyssey', 'Zora', and 'The Hunt for Louth'.

Also appearing is the next installment of 'Ranxerox', which I've posted below.

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