Tuesday, March 3, 2009

'Zero Population Growth': Life Magazine, April 17, 1970

far out !
I was only nine years old at the time.

This Life article has no author attribution (common for the magazine at that time) but does credit Arthur Rickerby for the photographs. Since Life was primarily a picture-based magazine, the accompanying text is rather spare. It focuses on efforts by college students at a number of east-coast schools to promote Zero Population Growth ('ZPG') via de
monstrations and teach-ins. The article features Mr Population Bomb himself, Paul R. Ehrlich, and reveals that he had a vasectomy to do his part to control the population explosion !

It's impossible to scan an entire page of the magazine using my (small) Canon 4400F flatbed scanner, so I'll have to post portions of pages (stitching two scans of the magazine cover to make a composite was a chore in itself).

Along with coverage of the ZPG scene and its 'groovy' participants, I've scanned some advertisements. Imagine buying a new Plymouth for under $3,000...! And back in '70 the cigarette companies could buy ad space and show how cool and sexy it was for young couples to share a smoke...!

but if you look at these pages and think, "....wow...how whacky were those crazy kids back in 1970... " ...just take a look at this picture from the March 3, 2009 Washington Post.

...yesterday it was 'Zero Population Growth'...

...today it's 'Global Warming' !

choose YOUR Eco-catastrophe.....

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