Thursday, October 15, 2009

'Elder Gods' from 'Aliens Special', Dark Horse comics, June 1997

Part One 

Since it's getting close to Halloween I thought I'd post a neat little story that skillfully melds a great modern sci-fi horror archetype- the Giger Aliens - with the unique sci-fi themes of H.P. Lovecraft.

In June 1997 Dark Horse published a little  b & w 'Aliens Special' comic. The first story, '45 seconds', is little more than a few brief pages of some sketches linked with a makeshift story. But the second entry in the comic was 'Elder Gods', written by the well-published horror writer Nancy A. Collins, with pencils by Leif Jones, inking by John Stokes, and letters by Clem Roberts.

It's a shame this little story didn't get the full-marketing exposure of appearing in a color version of the Dark Horse 'Aliens' line. It's better than more than a few of the stories Dark Horse churned out at the expense of the franchise in the 90s.

I'll post the second half of the story shortly. Enjoy ! 




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