Thursday, February 11, 2010

'Star Trek Blueprints' by Franz Joseph Designs


Back in 1975, Trekkies eager for even the most trivial scraps of material dealing with their Beloved Show had the option of spending $5.00 for a little packet of ‘Star Trek Blueprints’ from Ballantine.

The blueprints were rather unexciting, even by fanboy standards. They consisted of 12 folded sheets depicting the Enterprise in various cross-sectional views, with noteworthy structural and engineering features pointed out for the delectation of the observer. Some of the decks and compartments were rarely, if at all, featured in the TV show but the author (Franz Joseph Schnaubelt, aka Franz Jospeh Designs) was given leeway to expand the description of the vessel as he saw fit.

According to a Trekkie website, Franz Joseph spent 500 hours researching and drawing the blueprints, which entered the New York Times Bestseller list.

The Blueprints were the first of what would soon be an entire library of technical documents derived from not only Star Trek, but other sci-fi television and film productions. From these humble beginnings......... !

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