Saturday, June 5, 2010

'Heavy Metal' magazine, June 1980

The June 1980 issue of ‘Heavy Metal’ features a cover illustration by H. R. Giger, titled ‘The Necronomicon’. The back cover, ‘In New York We Call ‘em the Jets’, is by Dameron.
Opening the June issue is something of a shock, due to the presence of a color advertisement (for the soon-to-be-forgotten movie ‘Hollywood Knights’ starring up-and-coming actors named Tony Danza and Fran Drescher) occupying the first two pages of the magazine – a sign that the mainstream world is starting to recognize that Heavy Metal magazine, bizarre as it is, may indeed have some marketing potential.
This issue features a Galley of selected Giger artwork, as well as the final installment of Jeronaton’s ‘Champakou’, along with an interview with the artist. Also among the contents are ‘Shipwreck’ by Caza, part two of ‘The Alchemist Supreme’ by Godard and Ribera; Berni Wrightson’s excellent ‘Captain Stern’, and ‘Localized Objective’ by Schuiten.
One of the more amusing strips is ‘Earth Vs the….’ by Bil Maher, which I’ve posted here, along with an advertisement for the Heavy Metal tee shirt by Arthur Suydam.

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Anonymous said...

If there is one magazine I would go back and collect, it would be Heavy Metal. Thanks for posting some covers I have not seen since high school. Take care, and Merry Christmas!