Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Slow Death' comics No. 11

This version of 'Slow Death' No. 11 was printed in 1992 and features a cover illustration by Greg Irons, who also contributed (posthumously) several strips. Also included are 'Panic in Year Zilch' by Graham Manley;'Overture to Armageddon' by Warren Greenwood; and 'Super Cosmic Comic Creator Comix' by Wally Wood. One of the better stories in this issue is 'Cold Snap' by Alan Moore and Bryan Talbot (of 'Luther Arkwright' fame). Talbot's black and white artwork is, as always, very good.


For a nice gallery of selected 'Slow Death' stories from issues 1 - 9, including many I don't post for reasons of Adult Content, try the 'Golden Age Comic Book Stories' blog.

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