Thursday, October 7, 2010

Killraven: 'Amazing Adventures' No. 32
(September 1975)

'Amazing Adventures' issue 32 features Killraven in 'Only the Computer Can Save Me Now', scripted by Don McGregor and illustrated by Craig Russell.

Killraven and his team of rebels are poking around the ruins of Nashville ca. 2019 when they come upon a remarkable glass structure dating from the 1990s (i.e., the pre-War of the Worlds era).

Wandering inside, the party triggers the building's 'octo-tympanum-view-scope' which, back when invented in the 90s, gives the viewer a series of hallucinations accompanied by a psychedelic soundtrack. Sort of like an 'acid trip' mediated by the 70's idea of the ultimate home stereo system.

Don McGregor's growing infatuation with the New Wave prose style then much in fashion in SF goes overboard here, with Russell's artwork struggling to overcome a burden of pretentious text. This is a 'deep' episode with minimal action and much angst among our cast of a way, very 70s in tenor and theme.

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cae graphics said...

OMG....such classic art. It is a thing to behold! I was a kid looking at this comic over and over, over many bowls of! Thanks!