Friday, December 3, 2010

Arthur Suydam's 'Mudwogs'
from 'Echo of Futurepast' issue 1

'Echo of Futurepast' was an anthology title first released in 1984 as one of the books in the Continuity Comics lineup. Continuity was an independent publisher founded by comic book legend Neal Adams. 

Unfortunately, like a lot of indie comics released in the 80s and early 90s, Continuity had continuous problems with production and financing and the 'Futurepast' series reached nine issues before being cancelled.

Among the stories appearing in issue one was a two-part, 15-page 'Mudwogs' tale by Arthur Suydam. The Mudwog character had first appeared (as best as I can tell) in the May 1981 issue of 'Heavy Metal' magazine, in the story titled ' A Mudwog Tale: the Toll Bridge'.

The eight page Mudwog story in issue one of 'Futurepast' (somewhat confusingly) appeared as three- and four- page segments in the June and November 1981 issues of Heavy Metal. For the Futurepast appearance, Suydam made changes to the content and layout of the original comics.

Suydam's Mudwog's strips are the weirdest, most warped, yet most original take on the 'funny animals' theme. There has never been anything quite like them.

I'll be posting the second part (7 pages) of the Futurepast issue 1 Mudwogs strip shortly.

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