Saturday, January 22, 2011

'Fantagor' No. 3

featuring 'Kittens for Christian'

‘Fantagor’ No. 3 was self-published by Richard Corben and something of an experiment for a horror / fantasy underground comic in 1972, as it was printed in full color. Even the high-end Warren horror magazines were printed in b & w, with color sections appearing on a sporadic basis. Indeed, it really wasn't until the advent of 'Heavy Metal' that a magazine-sized publication appeared on the stands with color comics as a staple of its material. 

With ‘Fantagor’, the color separations seem a bit crude today, but by the standards of the time they weren’t bad. Not as good as the mainstream comics from publishers like Marvel or DC, but still reasonably entertaining. And as an 'underground' comic, Fantagor didn’t have to abide by Comics Code regulations.

This issue featured ‘The Temple’ by Corben; ‘Fugue’ by Arnold’, ‘Kittens for Christian’ by Strnad and Corben; and ‘The Demon Gate’ by Dresser.

‘Kittens’ is a great little story and I’ve posted it here. The moral: when you see an albino kitten, you may want to think things over before adopting it….

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