Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Heavy Metal' magazine April 1981

'Heavy Metal' magazine, April 1981, featured a front cover by Esteban Maroto titled 'Sybil', and a back cover by Les Edwards titled 'Woof !'.

Ongoing series installments dominated this issue, with Corben's 'Bloodstar', Howarth's 'Changes', 'Ambassador of the Shadows' by Christin and Mezieres, and 'What Is Reality, Papa ?' by Ribera and Godard.

Among the better of the singleton comics was 'Good-bye, Soldier !', written by Ricardo Barreiro, with distinctive black and white art by Juan Giminez. 

In its style of illustration, setting, and pacing, 'Good-bye' calls very much to mind contemporary shooter video games like 'Killzone' and 'Halo', although back in April 1981 the idea that a video game would be technologically capable of rendering anything more than rudimentary images would have been considered impractical, if not wildly ambitious..........

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Anonymous said...

I remember this one very, very well, except for one detail. Moebius died yesterday, and I thought all these years it was his strip.

Still good work, though.

RIP. Good-bye, Moebius.