Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Heavy Metal' magazine July 1981

The July 1981 issue of 'Heavy Metal' features a wraparound cover by Chris Moore titled 'Exhausted !'.

This is a pretty good issue, with the second installment of an interview with Richard Corben; the finale of Corben's 'Bloodstar'; another segment of Findlay's 'Texarcana'; an illustrated short story by Stephen King titled 'The Blue Air Compressor'; 'Whoodoo the Voodoo' by Caza; and the first installment of the 'Outland' graphic novel by Jim Steranko, which I've posted below:


Willard Jones Jr said...

Are there posters or prints of the cover art by Chris Moore for Heavy Metal Magazine titled "Exhausted" from the July 1981 issue?

Willard Jones Jr said...

I'd very much appreciate any help or advice on locating this item.

Yaroslav Ra said...
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Yaroslav Ra said...

could you please post or share (*.rar or *.zip) pages with Stephen King's novel?
i`m looking for it. many thanks from Ukraine.