Saturday, August 20, 2011

'Heavy Metal' magazine August 1981

The August 1981 issue of 'Heavy Metal' not unsurprisingly devotes 16 pages to promoting the upcoming animated film, hoping to energize attendance by revealing titillating graphics of  female characters ('The Legend of Taarna') in leather bikinis.

There is some good stuff in this issue: the final installment of an interview with Richard Corben; 'Paradise Lost' by Mora and Gimenez; 'Pigs on the Wing' by Yeates and Feduniewicz; and another great strip from Caza titled 'Homo Detritus'.

Some articles devoted to music, comics, books, and film remain from the Ted White era, albeit in much truncated fashion in a two-page 'Dossier' section, scanned below. 

Even with a more limited Word Count at his disposal, music critic Lou Stathis continues to be as pretentious as always, this time lavishing praise on John Cale, who along with Tom Waits (and probably John Prine), were every 70s rock critic's One True Loves. 

Ralph T. Castle uses his small piece to slam the 1981 Hugo nominees, with some merit to his remarks (although I still think 'Lord Valentine's Castle' is much superior to any and all of Silverberg's novels of the 70s).

This issue of HM also contains another installment of Sternako's outstanding illustrations for the 'Outland' graphic novel, posted below in 300 dpi res:


MPorcius said...

RE: 1981 Hugos

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon is pretty mediocre, especially compared to Gateway, to which it is a sequel. In Gateway Pohl succeeded in marrying a very cool SF premise and adventure story with literary style and psychological insight, but BTBEH lacks any new ideas, an exciting adventure, or literary merit, a big big letdown.

Ringworld was fine, but not good enough to get me to read a sequel, so I skipped Ringworld Engineers. I felt the same way about Mote in God's Eye, and have avoided Gripping Hand. I did read both Integral Trees and its sequel, The Smoke Ring, though. Niven comes up with good settings and plots, but I don't really like his writing style and his characters are either one note or forgettable.

I am a Silverberg fan, but for years avoided Lord Valentine's Castle because of the kind of criticism Castle levels here; that it is a simple piece of fluff designed to appeal to a mass market. However, a few weeks ago I picked up a used copy for cheap, and will probably read it soon. I am encouraged by your positive appraisal of it, tarbandu. Even if I don't like it, I am interested enough in Silverberg's career that reading it will likely be worth my time.

Incidentally, I got Lord Valentine's Castle at a great used bookstore in Davenport, IA. When I first started reading your blog, tarbandu, I was living in New York, but since then I have moved to Iowa. I would be interested to hear if there are any used bookstores in Iowa you would recommend.

tarbandu said...

Hi MPorcius, welcome to Iowa, I hope you are adjusting well to your relocation. I grew up in upstate New York (Binghamton) and the terrain and tempo of life here in the MidWest is quite different and took some getting used to (I've been here 18 mos).

You will have to get accustomed to the lack of forests and mountains; winter storms marked by blowing winds / whiteouts (there are no forests or steep hills to break the wind); and the truly mediocre food (bacon and watermelon salad ?!).

And you'll need to get used to seeing the large mud puddles they call 'lakes' out here (they are created by the high water tables, and are nothing close to genuine geologic structures like the Finger Lakes).

On the plus side, crime and taxes are both very very low and the entrenched unemployment and economic decay that grips the Rust Belt is not really present in Iowa.

I'm not too familiar with Davenport or the Quad Cities area, but I can recommend the 'Second Hand Books' store in Cedar Rapids. It has a very good selection of paperback and hardcover SF; it also has a smaller horror section, where you may find some treasures.

In Iowa City, try 'The Haunted Bookshop' on North Linn St. 'Uptown Bill's Bookmark' at 730 Dubuque St, and 'The Book Shop' at 608 South Dubuque, are also worth checking out.

good luck,

MPorcius said...

Thanks for the info; I will definitely check out those stores if and when I am in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. I actually live in Indianola, and was just in Davenport to go to the art museum.