Thursday, November 10, 2011

'Thrillogy' by Tim Conrad
Pacific Comics, 1984

 An interesting take on the 'Caveman' theme with 'Prometheus Primeval'.


MPorcius said...

A number of the compositions in this comic are copied from illustrations in a popular science book I used to look at as a kid. The book was Early Man in the Time-Life Nature series, and at least some of the illustrations were by Jay Matternes. Check out these reproductions:

tarbandu said...

MPorcius, you are correct !

Looking at the website, it's clear that Tim Conrad did indeed model some features of his story on Matternes's compositions.

I vaguely remember reading the Time Life 'Early Man' book during the 60s / 70s.

I also remember in the late 60s, when I was in elementary school, coming home from the local grocery store with a paperback book about 'early man', one of a series of science titles for kids published by Western Publishing (I think).

My mother disapproved of my reading it because the book endorsed Evolution. I think she later threw it out.

I wasn't too traumatized, because the book actually was very boring.

I anticipated it would have gory illustrations depicting proto-human fight scenes, such as those featured in '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

Or maybe pictures of hordes of blood-soaked proto-humans laboriously butchering mammoths with stone knives.

But alas, it was resolutely 'scientific'......

francisco said...

or a tribe of blonde cavegirls...