Sunday, January 15, 2012

'Heavy Metal' magazine January 1982

The January 1982 issue of 'Heavy Metal' features a front cover by Ron Walotsky titled ’Clone o’ My Heart’, while Michael Gross provides the back cover, ‘Heavy Metal Man’.

The ‘Dossier’ section provides some humorous insight into the tech toy of the day, the Sony Walkman. With iPods and smart phones so ubiquitous nowadays, it’s difficult to realize how revolutionary the Walkman was Back In The Day, when the idea of bringing your music with you had a hi-tech edge.

Also in the Dossier are the (expectedly pretentious) music column by Lou Stathis; book reviews by Brad Balfour and Norman Spinrad; and a review of ‘Time Bandits’ by Timothy Lucas.

Among the comic-related material appearing in the January issue are continuing installments of Segrelle’s ‘The Mercenary’, Corben’s ‘Den II’, and the conclusion of Steranko’s ‘Outland’, which I’ve posted below. 

This issue is noteworthy for the large number of one-shot pieces, some of which I will be posting as the month proceeds.

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MPorcius said...

I like how on the very same page Norman Spinrad laments that America is just a bunch of dolts who can only fathom childish junk like Star Wars, while Julie Simmons-Lynch opines that publishers should take a break from publishing all that Proust and Nietzsche and give us some fun fantasy books for kids!