Thursday, February 2, 2012

'Epic Illustrated' Winter 1980

The Winter 1980 issue of 'Epic Illustrated' is issue No. 4. The highly decorative front cover is by William Michael Kaluta.

This issue contains further installments of Starlin's increasingly labored 'Metamorphosis Odyssey', Tim Conrad's 'Almuric', and P. Craig Russell's 'Elric'. 

Harlan Ellison's short story 'Sleeping Dogs' is presented as text with b & w illustrations by Ken Steacy, and there is an essay by editor Archie Goodwin on 'Stalking the Great Graphic Dream', an interesting overview of the state of the nascent 'graphic novel' concept, which represented undiscovered territory at the time.

Among the shorter comics in the Winter 1980 issue is 'Elephant Grass' by Marc Hempel, which I've excerpted below......


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