Monday, April 16, 2012


The psychologist Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity in the early 20s to describe those times when the word 'coincidence' seems inadequate. Over time the concept has acquired a pop culture significance, and implies some sort of quantum physics-based connection underlying all things in the universe.

After being introduced to the concept via Arthur Koestler's book 'The Roots of Coincidence', Sting adopted the word as the title for the Police's 1983 album.

I personally though the whole concept was nonsense. Until March 26, 2004, when I opened up the Washington Post and saw a picture of two people attending a rally in Virginia for gay marriage. The appearance of one of these people, Dale Dugger, provoked some subconscious meme from my memory.

I'd seen that person before, somewhere, sometime...that distinctive hair style...the facial features, the horn-rimmed glasses.....

...and then I knew. I had indeed seen that person before. But in a painting of Jim Morrison done by the Belgian artist Guy Peellaert in his 1973 book 'Rock Dreams' !

The person standing right beside Jim bears an uncanny resemblance to Dale Dugger !

So, I no longer am a 'Synchronicity Skeptic'. 

Maybe there is some underlying aspect of the quantum structure of the universe that ties everything, everywhere together, and every now and then we get a glimpse of that underlying interconnectedness.....

Here is The Thievery Corporation's remix of 'Strange Days'.

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