Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Heavy Metal' magazine July 1982

The Summer of '82 rolls on. In heavy rotation on MTV are Paul McCartney and Wings with 'Take It Away'. Featuring John Hurt, George Martin, and Ringo, it is still one of the best Wings songs ever.

The July issue of 'Heavy Metal' features a front cover by Thomas Warkentin titled 'Cadmium Anniversary', with 'In Flight', by Chris Achiellos, on the back cover.  

The Dossier contains a number of argumentative columns on sci-fi, film, and what Rok Critic Lou Stathis calls 'Electro-Popism', but could just as well have been called 'New Wave'.


The  ongoing  essay authored by David Black, 'The Third Sexual Revolution', continues, this time on the topic of 'macho woman' (?!), with an illustrated accompaniment by Caza. It's too bad that editor Julie Lynch didn't just delete Black's hokey essay and substitute a full-length Caza comic strip.

There are continuing installments of Corben's 'Den II', Jodorowsky and Moebius's 'Incal Light', 'Nova 2' by Garcia and Bequer, 'At the Middle of Cymbiola' by Renard and Schuiten, 'Zora' by Fernandez, and 'The Voyage of Those Forgotten', by Bilal, which is posted below. 

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