Tuesday, October 9, 2012

'Heavy Metal' magazine October 1982

The October 1982 issue of Heavy Metal is designed to be a 'horror' - themed issue. While it certainly features a striking front cover by Jim Burns, and a back cover by Alan Lynch, the interior contents are very run-of-the-mill.The truth is, as a 'horror special' the October issue is a disappointment, nothing at all like the memorable  'Lovecraft' special issue of three years previously.

The Dossier section leads off with reviews of new New wave / Punk records; bands such as The Cure, Bauhaus, and New Order are of course recognizable, but when Rok Critic Lou Stathis includes the group 'You've Got Footus On My Breath' as his 'current favorite' band, you know he's trying much too hard to be hip....but then, what else was new.....

The Dossier moves on to discuss awful and obscure horror films - some of these I've never heard of before, and I subscribe to Shock Cinema (!). The 'Spook Shelf' section reviews some horror novels that also seem obscure - perhaps they will show up (or have already been reviewed) at Too Much Horror Fiction.

The Dossier continues with an interview with David Lynch, riding high on the success of the film The Elephant Man, and prepping for the film Dune. The latter, or course, was to be Lynch's Waterloo, but at this moment in time, his future as a director looked limitless.

The Dossier closes with some Science Notes, and some brief reviews of the current crop of video games.

As far as the comic content of this issue of HM, we have new installments of Wrightson's 'Freak Show', Corben's 'Den II', 'The Ape' by Pisu and Manera, 'Yragael' by Druillet, and 'Zora' by Fernandez. There is an essay on modern horror and phobias by Jeff Goldberg, and the third installment in 'The Third Sexual Revolution' series of essays by David Black.

Caza comes through with a colorful strip titled 'The Blind Flock'; I've posted it below.

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