Wednesday, November 7, 2012

'Master' by Jean-Michel Nicolett
from the November, 1977 issue of Heavy Metal

November, 1977, and on the radio, 'Love Is (Thicker Than Water)' by Andy Gibb, is in heavy rotation. It's lightweight, but well-crafted, pop, particularly superior to the then-number one hit by Debyy Boone, 'You Light Up My Life'.  And  'Love Is' features a maddeningly catchy 'lah - lah - lah ' segment at its finish. And, believe it or not, apparently two of the members in the video of the live performance at the link, later went on to form 80s band 'Mr. Mister'....?!

Joining 'Love Is' in heavy rotation is 'Here You Come Again', the number one single on the country charts, from emerging star Dolly Parton. Dolly makes for a much more appealing picture than Debby Boone.....

The November issue of Heavy Metal is on the stands, featuring a fine cover illustration by George Proctor, and  a back cover by Tom Barber.

Within the pages of the November issue is another gem from the French artist Jean-Michel Nicollet: 'Master'. 

'Master' has a devastated, post-apocalyptic landscape; flying demons; deadly robot angels; a decadent aristocrat; and a great surprise ending......I've never seen anything quite like it since. 

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about 'Master' is the intensity and crispness of the colors, imparting a unique, surrealistic quality to the story. Print quality of this level, on 'slick' paper stock, simply didn't exist anywhere else in comics, one of the aspects of Heavy Metal's approach to publishing, that made the magazine so innovative.

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