Saturday, February 2, 2013

'Heavy Metal' magazine, February 1979

February, 1979, and amid the numbing cold, the piles of gray snow, and the depressing knowledge that Spring in upstate New York is still a long, long way away, the latest issue of Heavy Metal is on the stands at Gordon's Cigar Store. 

The BeeGee's 'Tragedy' is in heavy rotation on the FM stations, and blaring from car radios as I make my way down the snowy street to Gordon's.

The front cover of the February issue is 'In Space' by Derek Rigg, with 'From QLEXZ With Love' by Bob Wakelin on the back cover.

Inside are ongoing installments of Corben's 'New Tales of the Arabia Nights', Bilal's 'Exterminator 17', Macedo's 'Telefield' , McKie's 'So Beautiful and So Dangerous', and memorable one-shots from Caza ('Hydrogenesis'), Sabine and Halmos ('Quetzal'), and Bilal ('Planet of No Return').


...........there's 'Lulea', by Arthur Suydam.

I've avoided posting this five-page story before here at the PorPor Blog, because it is easily the most warped thing Suydam has ever done. 

But it's also one of the funniest things he's ever done. As well, the artwork, the plot, and the final panel all come together with a unique brilliance. It easily matches the demented genius of Jean Michel Nicollet's best material.

So here it is......from the February, 1979 issue of Heavy Metal, Arthur Suydam's 'Lulea'. 


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I remember this story . I believe that, more than any other comic story , this particular strip and the other work from this writer spelled a turning point in comics. One that helped revolutionize American mainstream comics who up to that time had been exclusively producing content geared at 8 year olds This work and what opened the doors for Miller, Moore and Ross at DC and Marvel.