Monday, May 6, 2013

'The Alien Nation: Overpopulation' 
by Richard Margopoulos and Paul Neary
from Eerie No. 49, July, 1973

Here's a great little sci-fi tale about a favorite early 70s subject, overpopulation. The script is by Richard Margopoulos, and the artwork - impressive as always - by Paul Neary, of 'Hunter' fame.


Bobby Trosclair said...

Thanks for posting that!

There was a story published in one of the Warren magazines somewhere between 1970 to 1975 or so - sort of a proto-zombie apocalypse story. The hero is a draftee in an army that marches across the wastelands of America killing the infected zombie-like hordes that have eaten infected foods that carry the disease that mutates them into cannibals, and the army scours the burnt-out ruins of the cities to collect the (safe) canned foods that the army lives on. The hero meets a young woman and deserts to be with her, only to find she has lured him to be eaten by the cannibalistic zombie hordes.

I've remembered that story for years, but never been able to track it down. I'm fairly certain it was in a Warren issue, not Skywald or such. Does this sound at all familiar?

tarbandu said...

I'm afraid I can't recall that story, nor what issue it appeared in.

You may want to check the 'Warrenverse' site / blog at:

and see if it has any info about the story you remember,


Anonymous said...

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