Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Odyssey by Navarro and Sauri

'The Odyssey' by Francisco Navarro (writer) and Jose Sauri (art)


'The Odyssey' (64 pp) was published in hardback  by Heavy Metal magazine; the book is undated, but apparently was published in 2006. It compiles all the comics originally published in serial form in 1983 in Heavy Metal.

The story of Odysseus needs to introduction, but Navarro's adaptation is a serviceable treatment of the legend. It's the intricate pen-and-ink artwork of artist Jose Sauri that really makes this graphic novel impressive.

Since all we know visually about ancient Greece is what has come down to us as illustrations on vases, urns, tiles, and other items, Sauri adopts the same illustrative style. 

The result is artwork with an emphasis on contrasting blacks and whites and linework. Graytones are layered onto the linework in a well-designed manner.

In a sense, Sauri's artwork is as 'authentic' a depiction of ancient Grecian culture as any (and the Frank Miller comic and film 300 comes to mind here, but in my opinion, Sauri's draftsmanship is much more accurate, and visually pleasing).

'The Odyssey' is worth picking up, particularly if you are a fan of Eurocomics and quality graphic art. At present, copies are available from amazon, and from the Heavy Metal magazine website, for around $10 - $12 without shipping. 

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