Thursday, August 1, 2013

Luther Arkwright and Harry Fairfax

Luther Arkwright and Harry Fairfax
by Bryan Talbot
illustration from The Adventures of Luther Arkwright No. 4 
Dark Horse Comics, June 1990

Showing inspiration from such sources as Gustave Dore and William Hogarth ('Gin Lane'), the intricate pen-and-ink draftsmanship of this one-page panel by Bryan Talbot shows Harry Fairfax (left) and Luther Arkwright (right) making their way through London's Shoreditch neighborhood. 

Albeit a Shoreditch in an alternate 1970s London, where Nathaniel Cromwell, the descendent of Oliver Cromwell, rules England, and Royalist sympathizers and rebels hole up in the slum warrens of Shoreditch, there conspiring to overthrow the Puritan regime, and place King Charles III on the Throne..........

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