Thursday, September 26, 2013

Born of Ancient Wisdom

'Born of Ancient Wisdom' by Bob Morello (story and art) and Budd Lewis
 from Eerie No. 121 (June 1981)

One of the more entertaining stories to appear in Eerie in the early 80s was a three-part serial titled 'Born of Ancient Wisdom', with story and art by Bob Morello (Warren misspelled his surname), and additional story input from Budd Lewis. Episode 1 debuted in Eerie 121, with episodes two and three appearing in Eerie #123 ('In Sight of Heaven, In Reach of Hell', August 1981) and #124  'God of Light', (September 1981).

The series had a unique artistic style, one that probably represented the closest approach of any Warren magazine feature to the Heavy Metal aesthetic that was dominating the comic genre at the time.

I'll be providing the second and third installments of 'Born of Ancient Wisdom' in future posts here at the PorPor Books Blog.


Bob Morello said...

Hey, thanks for the recognition. I am the artist in that and I was doing work for Heavy Metal at the time, and indeed Warren wanted to get in on the new style. I want to also mention that many of the best original pages for this series were lost years ago. I don't know exactly when they disappeared, probably when I gave a lecture about doing comic art at a high school on Long Island. I think someone swiped a portfolio of work. If anyone has any idea as to the whereabouts of any of this art, I'd appreciate a heads-up. Also, my name is Morello not Morallo - Warren got it right eventually.

tarbandu said...

Bob, thanks for stopping by the blog here.....I've corrected the spelling of your surname.

Best wishes on recovering the original artwork.

Do you have an active website about your art that I can link to ?