Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heavy Metal November 1983

'Heavy Metal' magazine November 1983

November, 1983, and on MTV, in heavy rotation, is 'Say Say Say' by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson.

The November issue of Heavy Metal magazine is out, with a front cover by Dave Dorman, and a back cover by De Es Schwertberger.

The contents of this month's issue are unremarkable. There are more installments of 'Odyssey', 'The Fourth Song', 'Tex Arcana', and 'Ranxerox'. 

There is an interview with Will Eisner, who also provides a brief strip of 'The Spirit'. I consider Eisner's 'Spirit' to be one of the most over-rated comics of the 20th century, and the appearance of the character in this issue of HM does nothing to persuade me otherwise.

Crepax provides a new 'Valentina' comic, but his whole '60s fashion meets fetish' approach was outdated and unoriginal even back in 1983. 

Reading this issue, the one thing that stands out is the absence of the artists that made the magazine great in its first several years of life. 

No Suydam, no Caza, no Jeronaton, no Macedo, no Schuiten Brothers, no Druillet......

A halfway decent singleton comic is 'As In A Dream' by Miltos Scouras, which I've posted below.

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MPorcius said...

Eisner is a good draughtsman; in particular I like his drawings of New York buildings. I tried to get into "The Spirit," but, yeah, I didn't get it.