Monday, December 2, 2013

Shadow Jack by Morrow and Zelazny Part One

'Shadow Jack' by Gray Morrow and Roger Zelazny
from The Illustrated Roger Zelazny (Baronet Books, February 1978)

Part One

The best of the five stories in The Illustrated Roger Zelazny is 'Shadow Jack', featuring the lead character from one of Zelazny's best novels, 'Jack of Shadows'.

With fine color illustrations by Gray Morrow, and an engaging plot from Zelazny, 'Shadow Jack' (which, as Zelany remarks in his introduction to the story, is a prequel to the novel),  is as good as anything that appeared in Heavy Metal, or the Warren magazines, in the late 70s.

Copies of the trade paperback and hardbound editions of The Illustrated Roger Zelazny are available for under $15 at your usual online retailers. Also available is the mass market edition of the book, which contains the entire story (albeit, printed in black and white).

I'm posting the entire 23-page comic in two parts. Part One is posted below; Part Two will be appearing soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you so much for uploading this lost piece of work by Zelazny Shadow Jack. Do you know where I can find part 2?

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