Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Heavy Metal April 1984

'Heavy Metal' magazine April 1984

April, 1984, and in rotation on MTV is 'Adult Education' by Hall and Oates. This song apparently is jumping back into the public eye due to its being included in the soundtrack to the monster-selling video game Grand Theft Auto V.

The new issue of Heavy Metal magazine is on the stands, with a cheesy cover illustration by Boris Vallejo, and a back cover illustration by Michael Kanarek.

The contents feature new installments of 'Ranxerox', 'Tex Arcana', 'The Third Incal: Planet of ZGold', 'Salammbo II', and 'Valentina'. It also features the second installment of Charles Burns' 'El Borbah' character, in a new series titled 'Living in the Ice Age'.

The series kicked off with the March, 1984 issue of HM; to keep things in synchrony, I am posting the first and second episodes of 'Living in the Ice Age.'

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