Saturday, May 10, 2014

Heavy Metal May 1984

'Heavy Metal' magazine May 1984

May, 1984, and in heavy rotation on MTV is 'Ever Changing Moods' by the Style Council, the band formed by former Jam member Paul Weller.

The latest issue of Heavy Metal magazine is out, featuring a front cover by Luis Royo and a back cover by Peter Sato.

The contents of the magazine offer continuing installments of 'The Third Incal' by Jodorowsky and Moebius; 'Tex Arcana' by Findley; 'Salammbo II' by Druillet; a particularly violent episode by Tamburini and Liberatore's 'Ranxerox'; a new feature, 'The Railways', by Schuiten and and Renard.

This is one of the better issues of HM for 1984, with a number of good one-shot comics included in the contents. One of these, Pepe Moreno's 'Bunker 6A', is posted, below, along with a new episode of Charles Burns's 'El Borbah: Living in the Ice Age'.

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