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Heavy Metal magazine October 1984

'Heavy Metal' magazine October 1984

October, 1984, and in heavy rotation on the radio is 'No More Lonely Nights' by Paul McCartney. The song is the first single, and leadoff track, from McCartney's soundtrack to the film 'Give My Regards to Broad Street'. It features guitar work from Pink Floyd's David Gilmour.

The latest issue of 'Heavy Metal' magazine is out, with a front cover by Mark America, and a striking back cover by Tito Salmoni.

Given the mediocre nature of the August and September issues, this issue shows some much-needed improvement in its contents, primarily via the inclusion of standalone comics from veteran contributors Juan Gimenez ('A Matter of Time') and Caza ('Cinders').

Caza's 'Cinders' is particularly apt for October and Halloween, as it depicts the arrival of the Red Death to the city of the innocent, simpleton Homs......its grim nature is a departure from the more humorous outlook of his many comics for HM. But it shows that Caza could do horror stories that were as creepy, in their own unique way, as those of HM contributors Arthur Suydam or Jean Michel Nicolett.................

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fred said...

Certainly the Caza is excellent, and Gimenez is usually pretty good. I thought things like Jeronaton's "Great Passage" and Bilal's "The Hunting Party" were good but not as inspiring as some earlier stuff. There are several things that were shallow or stupid, but it was the mid-80s, everyone was doing it.
Around this time HM was losing momentum and I started losing interest, but I kept buying it mostly for a few things I liked, like Tex Arcana and Rock Opera (which wasn't in this issue).
Reading the Chain Mail and Lou Stathis' editorial replies was sometimes amusing too.
This one has complaints and praise for Ranxerox, and a note about the use of lesser paper and how Tex Arcana deserved better.
In hindsight the half-page ad for L Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth is funny and frightening.
Thanks for your HM posts.