Monday, November 10, 2014

Last of the Dragons

Last of the Dragons by Carl Potts

‘Last of the Dragons’ was a six-part comic serialized in Marvel’s Epic Illustrated magazine, starting with the December, 1982 issue (No. 15) through to October, 1983 issue (No. 20).

‘Dragons’ was one of the best, and perhaps the best, comics to appear in the entire run of Epic Illustrated. It not only took advantage in the interest in all things Japanese that marked the early 80s, but it featured a very well-organized and engaging storyline from Carl Potts, one that works in ancient Chinese and Japanese mythology, ninjas, Asian philosophy, violent combat, and, of course, dragons. 

Potts delivered outstanding artwork. Inker Terry Austin ably supported Potts’s pencils, while Marie Severin showed what she could do as a colorist when given quality color separations and the opportunity to print on ‘slick’ magazine-style paper. 

This Epic Comics graphic novel (64 pp), published in 1988 in large format on quality paper, compiles the complete ‘Dragon’, as well as offering an afterward section in which photographs and bio sketches are provided for all the contributors.

Anyone with an interest in fantasy with an Asian / Oriental flavor, or a graphic novel of high quality, will want to pick up a copy of ‘Last of the Dragons’. Copies are available from your usual retailers for very reasonable prices.