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Epic Illustrated February 1983

Epic Illustrated 
February, 1983
No. 16

February, 1983, and the latest issue of Marvel's Epic Illustrated showcases former Marvel / Conan the Barbarian artist Barry Windsor-Smith; the cover art is titled 'Self Portrait with Wings'. 

Smith's meticulous artwork and colors are finally well-served by a Marvel publication, in terms reduced editorial oversight; quality resolution and color separations; and the choice of 'slick' grade paper.

Archie Goodwin's 'Overview' column praises 'The Beguiling', one of several Windsor-Smith features in this issue. 

'The Beguiling' represents Windsor-Smith's fascination and admiration with the Pre-Raphaelite artist school of 19th century Britain, and Edward Byrne-Jones in particular. Up until the late 60s the Pre-Raphaelite artists had been utterly ignored - even dismissed - by the art establishment, but in part due to the efforts of artists like Windsor-Smith, a new appreciation for the school had gained momentum.

Smith's artwork is a homage to Byrne-Jones's masterpiece, the four-painting series titled 'The Legend of the Briar Rose' (1885 - 1890); this one is titled 'The Briar Wood'.

Posted below is 'The Beguiling'. A case could be made that this was one of the high points not just in the publishing history of Epic Illustrated, but in American comic art / graphic art of the 1980s.........

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MPorcius said...

"Self Portrait with wings" also appears on my copy of the Concise Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, pub year 1993.