Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lone Sloane: Delirius

Lone Sloane: Delirius
episode 1

This 1973 graphic novel compiles, in English, Druillet's Lone Sloane: Delirius comic, which first appeared in serial form in the French magazine Pilote from 1970 - 1971. 

[Copies are rare, and those in very good condition are expensive.]

The plot, as always, is not really very coherent, but the artwork more than makes up for it.


Eodred VanCataclysm said...

I got a pretty decent copy of this from ebay a few years ago for a reasonable price. It's got some of the best comics artwork of all time I think. Titan comics are actually reprinting this on hardcover, it's being released in a month or two.

Eodred VanCataclysm said...

I should also mention the episode you posted is the first episode of "The Six Voyages of Lone Sloane". This book actually combines two separate books "The Six Voyages..." and "Delirius" but for whatever reason Dragons Dream didn't differentiate between the two.

I just pulled out my copy to have a look at it and the colours are still amazingly vibrant for a book printed over 40 years ago!

Rex Hurst said...

I was debating whether to buy this book and these images you've posted have convinced me. It is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks.