Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heavy Metal magazine May 1985

'Heavy Metal' magazine May 1985

May, 1985. In heavy rotation on FM radio, and on MTV, is 'Don't You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds.

The latest issue of Heavy Metal magazine features a front cover by Liberatore, and a back cover by Michael Uman.

The Dossier section has a number of noteworthy columns. 

Leading off is a (disappointingly brief) interview with William Gibson, with a photograph of the author - at that time fast becoming a sf rock star - in which he looks very much like the British musician Thomas Dolby.....Gibson makes a remarkably accurate prediction in the final sentence of the interview.


Thomas Dolby

 Lou Stathis switches from 'rok' criticism to coverage of underground comix. But he stays as pretentious as ever.

The Video column features some films that are quite obscure.... I have never heard of any of these............'Fleshburn' ?! 'Night of the Bloody Apes' ?!

The remaining Dossier contents runs the gamut of sf and comic reviews, to an encounter with a Dominatrix (!) that in all likelihood was fabricated. But you be the judge.

Among the comic / graphic art content in this May issue of Heavy Metal : the next installment in Charles Burns's 'El Borbah: Bone Voyage' is posted below.....

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fred said...

Thanks for another Heavy Metal post. They often inspire me to go take a look at the old issue. With all the Dossier entries, I was afraid this was filled with nothing but the vacuous blather common in the mid-80s, but there's also this fine El Borbah, perhaps the best entry in the Author in Search of Six Characters, a terrific Tex Arcana, and a nice Rock Opera.

thanks again