Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heavy Metal magazine June 1985

'Heavy Metal' magazine June 1985

June, 1985, and on the radio and on MTV, 'Don't You (Forget About Me)', by Simple Minds, is in heavy rotation.

The latest issue of Heavy Metal magazine is out, with a front cover by Jim Cherry.

The Dossier section for this issue shows all the telltale signs of an 80s periodical whose staff have gotten access to PC-based 'desktop publishing' software. ....visible somewhere amidst the "...hey ! Look at this cool effect !" confusions are interviews about low-budget zombie movies; reviews about even more low-budget, obscure videos; word of a Stephen King newsletter; and an advertisement for the old-school art book by Roger Dean, Magnetic Storm.

The graphic / comic content of this issue is middling in terms of quality.There are further installments of Moreno's 'Rebel', Findley's 'Tex Arcana', Corben's 'Bodyssey', and Torres's 'Whisper Mystery'. 

Charles Burns's 'El Borbah: Bone Voyage' series is the best of these, and concludes in this issue. I've pasted this installment below.

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fred said...

thanks for another great Heavy Metal post, and the conclusion of the fine El Borbah - Bone Voyage.
Besides the installment of Tex Arcana, I liked the conclusion of the sometimes interminable Author in Search of Six Characters by Manara, and I liked the Torres Whisper Mystery, the Ghini and Corrado Sillavengo, and the Herikberto, for the interesting stylized feel it gave this issue. Though I understand how some of this could make people cross-eyed. The Bus is great too.

thanks again,