Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Derelict by Paul Neary

by Paul Neary (art) and John Thraxis (story)
from Eerie #41 (August 1972)

Paul Neary is perhaps best known for illustrating the 'Hunter' series that appeared in Eerie in the mid-70s, but he was producing some fine sci-pieces for Warren magazines well before then, as this story from 1972 shows. 

His use of Zip-A-Tone is especially noteworthy.....this is in the days before Photoshop, when you had to buy a sheet of the stuff and cut it out with an X-ACTO knife and paste it on top of your drawings....!

'Derelict' is so filled with Zip-A-Tone (practically every panel uses at least one pattern....some use three or four !) that I think it must have taken Neary weeks of careful cutting and pasting to finish its 7 pages........?!

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Ornithoid said...

It's like the storyboard for a rejected TOS episode.