Saturday, November 21, 2015



What with Fallout 4 now on store shelves, and the rockin' tune 'Atom Bomb Baby' part of its soundtrack.....

.....the timing seems right to post about a unique website called Conelrad.

Conelrad, which I've been following off and on for several years now, is devoted to documenting postwar American pop culture and its references to atomic war / WWIII. There are pages devoted to Cold War era civil defense media, including feature films, public service announcements, radio and television broadcasts, newspaper articles about hypothetical bomb drops on U.S. cities, and (of course), warnings about Commies and the Red Menace. 

I remember some of this stuff from when I was a kid in grade school in the 60s, learning how to duck under my desk to shield myself from an atomic blast.....

One can spend hours poring over its extensive inventory of artifacts from this time period, which cover just about every nuance of the Cold War and its love / hate relationship with The Bomb and atomic energy.

One drawback to the site is its design, which - for whatever reason - is not at all user friendly. It has a strange Left-Justified, one-third page format which may have been current in 1997....... combined with its small font, this formatting gives the site a cramped appearance and makes it difficult to navigate.

When all is said and done, however, Conelrad is a site worth visiting.

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