Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Escape from Nine by 1 by Russ Heath

Escape from Nine by 1
by Russ Heath
from Thrilling Adventure Stories No. 1, February 1975

When Martin Goodman and his son Charles 'Chip' Goodman launched Atlas / Seaboard Comics in 1974, they were intent on not just producing color comic books, but black and white comic magazines in the manner of the Marvel / Curtis lineup. (The story goes that the Goodmans founded Atlas with the goal of taking away some readership from Marvel, and thus exacting revenge on Cadence Industries, Sheldon Feinberg, and Albert Landau). 

Thrilling Adventure Stories was among the five black and white comic magazines that Atlas published in 1975. Unfortunately, it only lasted for two issues (the entire Atlas line folded before the end of that year). 

While some of the contents of the first issue of Thrilling Adventure Stories was of decidedly mediocre quality, 'Escape from Nine by 1', written and illustrated by comics veteran Russ Heath, was an excellent entry in the 'Escape from a Nazi prison camp' genre of adventure tales. I've posted it in its entirety below.

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