Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dan Dare Vs Mekon

Dan Dare Vs Mekon
from the 'Hollow World' series
2000 AD comics Prog 16 (June 11, 1977)
Scanned from Dan Dare: The 2000 AD Years Volume 1 (2000 AD, November 2015)

In this episode, Dan Dare and his friend Rok - a human/dog alien hybrid (!) - are captured by Dare's old adversary Mekon, who has allied himself with a two-headed alien pirate (!) called the 'Two of Verath'.

Dan decides to make a break for freedom, and in the script by Steve Moore, delivers a brutal dose of Boot Leather to the face of the hapless Two of Verath.

Things don't go the way as planned, however, and soon Dare finds himself subjected to a grotesque inquisition - mediated by a Blob that, according to Mekon, once committed a crime '....so unspeakably alien,that no being in our galaxy can even understand it !' 

Classic British sci-fi, with the irreverent, Punk - era edge unique to the 2000 AD series. 

(And some amazing art by Massimo Bellardinelli.... )

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