Friday, April 8, 2016

The Egg by Potter

The Egg
by J. K. Potter and Tim Caldwell
from Epic Illustrated No. 7, August 1981

One of the more memorable entries in Heavy Metal magazine in the late 70s was the photo-based comic titled 'The Doll' by J. K. Potter, which was published in the September, 1979 issue.

Potter's work - which relied on manual alterations to photographs, this done in the days before Photoshop - did not lend itself to high output, but in 1981 he did produce another creepy work, this one titled 'The Egg', for Marvel's Epic Illustrated.

I've posted it below.


Garnett Elliott said...

I had this one back in the day--and 'The Egg' still stands out in my memory. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

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fred said...

I liked The Doll in Heavy Metal, but I hadn't seen The Egg, very cool, thank you.

The internet tells me J.K. Potter is still working.