Thursday, June 2, 2016

Captain Sternn

Captain Sternn
by Berni Wrightson
from Heavy Metal magazine, June 1980

One of the best comics to appear in the early issues of Heavy Metal magazine was 'Captain Sternn: Featuring Hanover Fiste', by Berni Wrightson, that appeared in the June, 1980 issue. its eight pages combine brilliant artwork with an offbeat plot that keeps the reader guessing till the very last panel.

Captain Sternn is - outwardly- the epitome of the clean-cut, morally upright hero, but as the story unfolds the satiric humor underlying his depiction gradually is revealed. 

The artwork has a dynamic quality that I've yet to see equalled in any of the comics I have read in the 36 years since the strip first was published. 

Here it is: Berni Wrightson's 'Captain Sternn'.

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fred said...

I think perhaps this was the Heavy Metal story that translated best to the 1981 Heavy Metal movie.