Monday, September 12, 2016

Heavy Metal magazine Fall 1986

'Heavy Metal' magazine Fall 1986

It's September, 1986, and the Fall issue of Heavy Metal magazine is released. The cover illustration is by Enki Bilal.
On MTV and on FM radio, the song 'Captain of Her Heart', by the Swiss duo Double, is in rotation. It's not easy for a band with a French name whose song is getting airplay in the US; I remember listening to the radio at the time and hearing one US deejay pronounce the group as 'double', not doo-BLAY.......

Most of the content of the Fall 1986 issue is made up of a mediocre Bilal entry titled 'Trapped Women'. But there still is some life in the magazine yet; the best entry in this issue is a graphically violent, offbeat, post-apocalyptic cannibal tale by Jose Ortiz: 'Please Don't Feed the Animals'. 

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fred said...

I actually liked "The Trapped Woman" in this issue, it was overlong and it did kind of take over the issue, but it was better than Bilal's earlier "The Hunting Party". It also is part of the story of the 2004 movie "Immortal" that Bilal directed, including the story from the even earlier "The Immortals' Fete".
The late 80s were lean times for Heavy Metal, going from monthly to quarterly, there was often stuff that was not good. It's surprising it survived.