Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Muskrat Love November 1976

'Muskrat Love' by the Captain and Tennille
November, 1976

November, 1976..........and at position number 4 on the Billboard Top 40 pop chart, it's the Captain and Tennille with their version of the song 'Muskrat Love', which originally was recorded and released by the band 'America'.

It's hard to describe the uniquely deranged nature of this vision of 70s cheese.......those watching it for the first time, are best advised to do so with caution.

I still remember watching it unfold, 
during an episode of The Captain and Tennille TV show, on our little 20 " black and white TV in the Fall of '76. 

What can you say about a live action / video montage in which people dressed in 'muskrat' costumes dance together, while Daryl Dragon (i.e., the 'Captain') plays 'pitter pat' noises on his synthesizer ? 

Only in the 70s, that's for sure.......

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