Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Cage by Hermann Huppen

The Cage
by Hermann Huppen
from Abominations (Catalan Communications 1990)

The Belgian comics artist Hermann Huppen (b. 1938), who often signs his work as simply 'Hermann', is a renowned figure in the world of album de bandes dessinees (Franco-Belgian comics). 

Some of the comics he has illustrated in conjunction with his son Yves Huppen (Station 16 and Manhattan Beach 1957) have been formatted and translated for publication in the U.S. by Dark Horse comics, but unfortunately, much of his work has yet to be translated into English. 

An early effort at providing U.S. readers with an English translation of Huppen's work is this slim anthology of horror comics, first published in Europe in 1988, that Catalan Communications translated and released in 1990.

I've posted one of the four stories in Abominations, 'The Cage', below. 

The plot is related in a subtle but effective manner, one that rewards close attention to each panel. Add in Huppen's skillful drawing and coloring, and you have a memorable tale.

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