Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hung Up by Bruce Jones

'Hung Up'
story and art by Bruce Jones
from Nightmare No. 8, August 1972
The Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones No. 4, Eclipse Comics, February 1986

'Hung Up' was one of the more memorable comics to appear in Nightmare. Featuring some fine Zip-A-Tone effects, 'Hung Up' deals with what seems to be the perfect murder. It also has a gruesome, blow-by-blow description of 'murder by pipe wrench' !

According to The Bronze Age of Blogs, Jones used fellow artist Jeff Jones as a model for the protagonist 'Jeff', fellow artist Bernie Wrightson as 'Bernie', and editor Louise Simonson as  'Louise Summers'.

I've posted 300 dpi scans of the original 1972 comic from Nightmare, as well as a colorized version that appeared in 1986 in the Eclipse Comics anthology series The Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones

In my opinion, the colorized version is better than the original black and white. The color printing process used by Eclipse was no better or worse than what was common in the mid-80s, but the higher grade of paper also makes a difference. But see for yourself..........

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