Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Wonders by Maroto

by Esteban Maroto
Eurotica, 2002

Spaniard Esteban Maroto (b.1942) is one of the most talented artists in comics and commercial sci-fi and fantasy art during the last 50 years. Disappointingly, there is no English-language overview of the artwork he has produced during that time.

I had some hopes that 'Wonders', an oversize trade paperback published by Eurotica in 2002, might be an effort towards rectifying that defect. Unfortunately, the book is not very good. Its 64 pages mostly are taken up with recent (i..e, around the time of the book's publication) graytone and color pictures Maroto has done for the pinup collector market; most of these have a softcore porn emphasis that is super-cheesy.

There are some images that are PG-rated, and I've gone and posted those below, although they really don't represent his best works. Sadly, the definitive overview of Maroto's art remains to be written.

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