Friday, April 27, 2018

The Rance Allen Group

The Rance Allen Group
Say My Friend
LP cover art by Abe Gurvin
Capitol Records 1977

Rance Allen, born in Monroe, Michigan in 1948, formed a gospel group with his three brothers Tom, Steve, and Esau. The group garnered attention when they participated in a talent contest held in Detroit, and wound up being signed to a record deal with the Stax label. The Rance Allen Group released its first album in 1972 and soon emerged as one of the most long-lived and renowned groups in the Gospel genre (their most recent album, Celebrate, was released in 2014).

The stunning cover art for the group's 1977 album Say My Friend is by Abe Gurvin (1937 - 2012), who identified as a 'psychedelic' artist and produced artwork for album covers, books, advertising, and other commercial outlets.

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