Tuesday, July 10, 2018

My Way by Major Harris

Major Harris
'My Way'
Atlantic Records, 1975

In the late Spring and early Summer of 1975, 'Love Won't Let Me Wait' by Major Harris (February 1947 - November 2012) was in heavy rotation on the radio and had reached the top five on both the pop and soul charts.

Although 'Love Won't Let Me Wait' was the standout song from Harris's 1975 album My Way, there were a number of other notable tracks on the album, including what I regard as one of the greatest disco songs ever made:  'Each Morning I Wake Up'.

The 8 minute version of the song is available here.

Harris released a followup album in 1978, How Do You Take Your Love, which unfortunately didn't have the success of My Way. Harris returned to the Delfonics and participated in the group's live shows until his death from heart failure at age 65.

A collection of Harris's songs are available at YouTube and demonstrate his skill as a smooth-groove Soul Man. The spoken intro to 'I Got Over Love' is pure 70s 'soul gold'. 

And the album cover art for My Way (which, unfortunately, is uncredited) is outstanding. It's a perfect combination of Art Deco and Superfly-style chic, and something that only the 70s could have spawned.............

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