Friday, April 30, 2010

Marvel Zombies 5: issue 2

The second issue of ‘Marvel Zombies 5’ is now out on the stands and, as hinted at the conclusion of the first issue, the action moves to the alternate earth depicted in the 70s ‘Amazing Adventures: War of the Worlds’ comics featuring the definitive PorPor character, Killraven.
Dispatched to try and recover blood samples harboring the zombie-causing virus from multiple worlds and realities, Howard the Duck, Machine Man, and the gun-wielding ‘Quick Draw’ Jacali Kane arrive on an earth subjugated by Martians, and quickly encounter Killraven, M’Shulla, and Old Skull:   

I won't reveal much more of the contents of the issue, save to say that it features the traditional copious gore and 'sick' humor that have been trademarks of the 'Zombies' books:

It looks like this will be the only installment of the 5th series that will feature the 'War of the Worlds' crew, so at most it's a short-lived guest appearance by Killraven and his gang. Fans of the 70s series will want to pick it up.

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